• currency: sol
  • 3 zones:
    • Costa: dry and desert, ~10%
    • Sierra: mountains ~30%
    • Selva: rainforest ~60%
  • 86% of population live alone the coast
  • highest peak: Huascaran
  • source of the Amazon: Montero river, sourced at lake Junin
  • Peru used to be the epic center of incan empire, ~25k miles lone from Ecuador to Argentina, alone Andes
  • largest cities
    • Lima
    • Arequipa


  • Lima metro extension 2022
  • Lima: founded in 1535;
  • Miraflores: green suburb
  • Paddingto bear statue

Cusco and Machu Picchu


  • 2nd largest city, 3rd busiest airport;
  • at the foot of the El Misti volcano;
  • Spanish colonial architecture;
  • Santa Catalina Convent

Titicaca lake

  • Shared by Peru and Bolivia
  • Uros Floating Islands
  • totora boat

Food and Drink

  • coati dung coffee: partially fermented coffee beans that pass through the digestive system of a coati
  • largest Quinoa and maca producer
  • Ceviche



  • Chachapoyas: founded by the Spanish in 1538; the capital of Amazonas; sarcophagi of karajia, the pre-inca city of Kuelap,
  • Gocta Waterfall: 3rd tallest fall in the world
  • trujillo: dounded in 1500s; Chan Chan ruins, pre-Incan empires of ancient Peru, the largest adobe city in the Americas
  • the largest left-handed waves by Chicama
  • Nazca Lines
  • Lake Titicaca: floating village; shared with Boliviaelevation 12,500 feet, the highest navigable lake in the world
  • Colca Canyon: more than twice as deep as the Grand Canyon
  • Puno
  • Canyon Country
  • iquitos does not have road access, only air or river boat
  • "Tambo": small houses to provide shelter and food, a porter system for up to 150 miles per day without wheeled vehicle or horse
  • 12 UNESCO sites
  • Sky Lodge adventure suites
  • the last Incan grass bridge
  • Salt pans of Maras
  • Rinconada: highest city in the world
  • Hat building in Celedin
  • Rainbow mountain
  • Cerro Blanco: world tallest sand dune
  • Shanay-Timpishka river: a boiling river
  • potato originated in Peru ~4000 different kinds
  • 6th largest gold producer, 1/5 of their export
  • Huaca Pucllana
  • Pachacamac


  • Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui (reign c. 1438-63 CE)
  • Thupa Inca Yupanqui (reign c. 1471-93 CE)
  • Wayna Qhapaq (the last pre-Hispanic ruler, reign c. 1493-1525 CE).