By num of passengers: IndiGo > Air India > SpiceJet > GoAir > AirAsia India > Vistara

Full service airlines struggle:

  • Jet Airways: ceased operations in 2019
  • Kingfisher Airlines: the 5-star airliner, ceased operations in 2012
  • Air India: sold to Tata Group

Low cost:

  • IndiGo fleet strategy: buy in bulk(300 A320 NEO) for deep discounts, sell for a small profit to leasing companies and lease back.
  • IndiGo, GoAir use 320; SpiceJet use 737
  • Air India Express is not part of Star Alliance
  • IndiGo user experience was much better than AirAsia India.
  • DEL Terminal 1D: IndiGo and SpiceJet.


  • Harappa
  • Mauryan(孔雀王朝 322 BCE – 184 BCE)
  • Gupta Empire 笈多王朝 319 AD-550 AD 印度历史上其中一个最兴盛的时期,称为印度的黄金时代
  • Mughal Empire  (莫卧儿帝国)  1526-1540, 1555-1857. Mughul (蒙古): Akbar


  • Vishnu: in Life of Pi, Pi said: "Thank you Lord Vishnu. Thank you for coming in the form of a fish and saving our lives."
  • Shiva
  • Odisha


India e-Visa:


Chicken Chettinad (spicy chicken curry)

Chettiar: a title used by many traders, weaving, agricultural and land owning castes in South India, especially in the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. Traditionally, the Chettiars were involved in the trade of precious stones, but later became private bankers and moneylenders. derived from Sanskrit, meaning superior

Chettinad = "land (nadu) of the Chettiars"


A lentil-based vegetable stew, cooked with pigeon pea and tamarind broth.


  • Yogini
  • Maharashtra: the highest urbanization in India and home to the financial capital Mumbai
  • gurdwara: a Sikh place of worship.