Long Distance Routes

15 routes.

West Coast

  • Coast Starlight: Seattle – Los Angeles

East Coast

  • Palmetto: New York – Savannah
  • Silver Service: between New York and Miami. 2 trains:
    • Silver Meteor: New York – Miami. Silver Meteor travels between New York City and Miami. It uses the same tracks as the Palmetto route but then continues into Florida.
    • Silver Star: New York – Miami. The Silver Star stops at many of the same stations as the Silver Meteor, but also travels to additional cities including Raleigh (North Carolina), Columbia (South Carolina) and Tampa.
  • Auto Train: Lorton, Virginia – Sanford, Florida. Non-stop between Virginia (near D.C.) and Florida (near Orlando). The only motorail (passengers can take their cars along with them) service in the United States.

Cross Country

Routes that travel east and west across the country either terminate in Chicago or New Orleans.

  • Empire Builder: Chicago – Spokane – Portland/Seattle
  • California Zephyr: Chicago – Emeryville, California (near San Francisco)
  • Southwest Chief: Chicago – Los Angeles
  • Sunset Limited: New Orleans – Los Angeles
  • Texas Eagle: Chicago – San Antonio
  • Lake Shore Limited: New York/Boston – Albany – Chicago
  • City of New Orleans: Chicago – New Orleans
  • Crescent: New York City – New Orleans
  • Capitol Limited: Chicago – Washington
  • Cardinal: Chicago – New York


Route: Washington D.C. - Baltimore - Philadelphia - New York City - Boston

New Trains: Avelia Liberty (Fall 2023)

Corridors: West Coast

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