Future of Transportation


  • Boom
    • Japan Airlines invested; United Airlines ordered Boom Overture;
    • ETA: 2023
    • Supersonic aircraft fly higher than other aircraft, cruising at up to 60,000ft. At this altitude, you fly above most of the turbulence, allowing a smoother ride than on subsonic aircraft.


Electric Aircraft

Autonomous Flights


Advanced material and technologies.

Notably 787/350.

  • composite fuselage: lighter, more fuel efficient; not as susceptible to fatigue, can be pressurize at lower(6000ft, comparing to 8000ft) altitude.
  • better engines: quieter, both inside(passengers) and outside(group communities)

Super Long Flights

  • ETOPS: longer non-stop flights. E.g. 20 hours from Singapore to New York.
  • Qantas is targeting direct flights to New York and London from Sydney by 2022. Berth may be added.

The Largest/Smallest Airliners Being Phased Out

These aircraft/categories are disappearing:

  • Turboprops: American retired the last Dash 8 on July 4, 2018; still operating in US: Ohana by Hawaiian's ATR and Alaska Horizon's Q400
  • 50 seaters: CRJ200 and EMB-135/145
  • 4-engines: Delta and United phased out their 747s in 2017; 340s are being phased out; 380 is hard to sell

LNG Ships + Fuel Cell

  • Carnival: Excellence Class(183,900 tons, AIDA/Costa/P&O/Carnival)
    • "The Excellence-class will be the first cruise ships in the world to be dual fueled by liquefied natural gas (LNG) and traditional Fuel oil"
  • Princess: 175,000 tons, 2023/2025
  • Royal Caribbean: Project Icon, 200,000 tons, 2022/2024
  • Disney: 140,000 tons, 2021/2022/2023

Flight Ride-share

  • Intercity: Similar to other ride-shares, but for flights.
  • Intracity


Better Long-haul Buses