Air Travel FAQ

What are the world's longest routes

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No. Airlines From To Distance (miles) Flight Time Aircraft
1. Singapore Singapore (SIN) Newark (EWR) 9,534 18 h 30 m A359ULR
2. Qatar Doha (DOH) Auckland (AKL) 9,032 18 h 20 m B772LR
3. Qantas Perth (PER) London (LHR) 9,009 17 h 25 m B789
4. Emirates Dubai (DXB) Auckland (AKL) 8,824 17 h 10 m A380
5. Singapore Singapore (SIN) Los Angeles (LAX) 8,770 17 h 55 m A359ULR
6. United Houston (HOU) Sydney (SYD) 8,596 17 h 30 m B789
7. Qantas Sydney (SYD) Dallas (DFW) 8,578 17 h 10 m A380
8. Philippine Manila (MNL) New York (JFK) 8,520 16 h 35 m A350
9. Singapore San Francisco (SFO) Singapore (SIN) 8,447 17 h 20 m A359 / A359ULR
9. United San Francisco (SFO) Singapore (SIN) 8,447 17 h 20 m B789
10. Delta Johannesburg (JNB) Atlanta (ATL) 8,439 16 h 50 m A359
11. Emirates Dubai (DXB) Los Angeles (LAX) 8,339 16 h 15 m A380
12. Saudia Jeddah (JED) Los Angeles (LAX) 8,332 16 h 40 m B773ER
13. Qatar Doha (DOH) Los Angeles (LAX) 8,306 16 h 20 m B772LR


  • Qantas' Project Sunrise create the world's longest routes, connecting Sydney and New York/London, however it is now on hold after COVID-19
  • Originally Delta uses 772LR to fly between ATL and JNB, but all Delta's 777s will be retired after COVID-19, and with the raise of A359's MTOW, it can fly the route in the future.

What are the busiest airports?

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Why 757 is "heavy"

In US:

  • Super: A380 (MTOW of 575 t) and An-225 (MTOW of 640 t)
  • Heavy: MTOW >= 136 t (almost all wide-body aircraft + 757)
  • Large (FAA): MTOW between 19 t and 140 t
  • Medium: MTOW between 7 t and 136 t
  • Light: MTOW less than 7t

The MTOW of 757-200 is 116 t, but it became "heavy" after accidents where smaller aircraft following closely behind a 757 crashed.

Why regional aircraft has 50 or 70 or 76 seats?

AA, Delta, United have contracts with pilot unions to limit the number of regional planes they can operate:

This is why most of US regional flights are 50 or 70 or 76 seats; this is also the reason of CRJ 550, which is a re-certificated CRJ 700 with only 50 seats, because United had reached its limit of 76-seat airplanes.

Which airline fly to the highest number of countries?

Turkish Airlines, 120+ countries.

Istanbul sits at the intersection of Europe, Asia and Africa

Which is the world's highest-revenue routes?

New York to London

How many flight attendants on a flight?

At least one per 50 passengers

What are the largest aircraft orders

  • 2017: 430x A320neo Indigo Partners ~$50 billion at list prices
  • 2011: American Airlines ordered 460 new planes in a single deal, but that was spread between both Boeing and Airbus.
  • 2015: Indian low-cost airline IndiGo (which isn't connected to Indigo Partners) bought 250 Airbus jets
  • 2013: The biggest order by value came from Emirates airline of Dubai in 2013. It agreed to buy 150 Boeing 777X planes and 50 A380s, which were worth a total of $99 billion at list prices.

Do miles expire?


Airlines Expiration
Delta Never
United Never
Southwest Never
jetBlue Never
Alaska Never
American Never, if there's activity in 18 months
Hawaiian Never, if there's activity in 18 months
Frontier Never, if there's activity in 6 months
Asiana 10 years or 12 years
Singapore 36 months
Cathay Pacific Never, if there's activity in 18 months


  • Frontier and Spirit only count accrual activity not redemptions.
  • Alaska: account may be locked if there's activity in 24 months