San Francisco Bay Area

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What to expect for an Oakland Transition

There are 2 tower frequences: 127.2 for the south side (runway 30, the one used for airliners), and 118.3 for the north side, short runways for GA.

  • From South: 127.2 => mid-span San Mateo bridge (VPMID) => runway 30 number => fly over the airport => 118.3 => Coliseum / Follow 880 => Norcal
    • From KPAO: on the ground, request flight following with Oakland transition => right 45 departure => 127.2
    • To Santa Rosa: 118.3 => 127.0
  • From North: Norcal (127.0) => OAK Tower (118.3) => OAK Tower(127.2); fly toward Colliseum, 2,500 ft => 30 number, 2,000 ft => mid-span San Mateo bridge 1,400 ft

What to expect for an SFO Transition

Coastline Transition

  • From North: Oakland Center (127.8) => Norcal (135.1) => stay west of the coastline => Norcal (Woodside 135.65)

Bayshore Transition

  • From KPAO:
    • straight out departure, west of 101 free way, 2,000 ft.
    • Palo Alto tower (118.6) => San Carlos Tower (119.0) => SFO Tower (120.5) => Oakland Center (127.8)


South: 119.9 North: 126.6.

Surrounded by Norcal. Covering Concord KCCR, Nut Tree KVCB, Rio Vista O88, Davis KEDU, Yolo County KDWA.

Notes about airports


Noise Abatement Departures:

  • Oracle Departure
  • Coyote Hills Departure
  • Hillsdale Departure
  • Woodside Departure


Flight following may not be passed from Oakland Center (127.8 MHz) to KSTS tower, if radar service is terminated at Oakland Center, you may need to report your location during the initial contact with the tower.

Flight following requested on KSTS ground may not give you the squawk code, you need to request to Oakland Center after take off.


Tower may not have radar (they may not be able to see your location in pattern).

Bay Area Flight School

  • [KSQL] San Carlos Flight Center:
  • [KPAO] Advantage Aviation
  • [KPAO / KSQL] West Valley Flight Club
  • [KPAO] Sundance ( a small club with a few 172's, a few PA-28's, and a couple of step-up aircraft. The ambiance of the place is very informal. Probably the lowest-cost club at PAO.