Seltzer Water vs Sparkling Water vs Soda Water

  • Seltzer water - just plain carbonated water.
  • Sparkling mineral water - carbonated water with naturally occurring salts and minerals
  • Club Soda - carbonated water with added salts and minerals
  • Tonic water - carbonated water with added quinine and sugar.


How long a whiskey, rum or brandy has been stored since distillation.


A drink that stimulates the appetite before a meal.

Bar Spoon

A bar spoon is simply a small spoon with a very long handle. It can be used for stirring cocktails, pouring a liqueur over the back of the spoon when layering it on top of another liqueur, and scraping the bottom of the blender

Base Liquor

The main ingredient in a drink


Made from bark, herbs, roots, and berries. Gives drinks a bitter zest.


Use a blender


The production of malt beverages(as beer or ale) from malt and hops by grinding and boiling them and fermenting the result with yeast.


A brand name liquor that is usually more expensive.

Church Key

A term used to describe the traditional waiters' corkscrew.


A smidgen, or a couple of drops. Approximately 1/16 of an once.


The process of heating the fermented substance to the boiling point of alcohol and condensing and collecting the vapors Distillation of fermented solutions is used to produce distilled beverages with a higher alcohol content.


The conversion of sugar to alcohol using yeast under anaerobic conditions.


A garnish composed of a cherry and orange slice; also a term used when someone has had enough to drink.


A drink is topped with a high proof alcohol and lit on fire.


To layer one ingredient on top of another to keep them from mixing together.

Free Pouring

A method of pouring the correct quantity of liquor without the use of physical measuring device by counting how long it takes for the liquor to pour through the pour top.


Drinks is blended with crushed ice or ice cream.


Double sided measurer with 1 oz and 1/2 oz sides.


A flavoring for drinks. It is made from pomegranates or red currant.


Flower cones added to beer as a bittering agent, a preservative and an aromatic


Same as a cordial. Sweet flavored alcohol with a lower proof. Made from berries, fruits, etc.


To pour a drink over crushed ice


The non-alcoholic beverage you mix with spirits


To mash or grind fruits or leaves for a drink.


A mortar and pestle used to muddle leaves and fruit.


Room temperature


A wine or liquor taken before bed.

On the Rocks

With ice


One ounce shot

Pour Top/Spout

Used to control the flow of liquor from the bottle. This helps to prevent under or over pouring. Most pourer flow at 1 once per second


The alcohol content of a spirit. Divide by 2 to get percentage by volume.


Add ice, then ingredients, shake in a shaker set, strain over ice.

Simple Syrup

Sugar water. Approximately Sugar:Water = 2:1

Soda Gun

A device used in bars that dispenses various types of sodas and juices.

Speed Rack

The liquors you use most frequently. Vodka, Gin, Rum, Whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch, Tequila. They are kept behind the bar in that order. A mnemonic device to help you remember the order is "Very Good Restaurants Will Be Sanitary Tonight".


A small amount of a liquid, less than one count.

Straight Up

Drink that is mixed with ice, shaken, and then strianed into an empty glasss(no ice).


Wire gadget with a spring around it that fits over the top of a mixing cup for straining mixed ingredients into a new cup of ice for serving.

Swizzle Stick

A twig with a few forked branches on its end. It is usually inserted into the glass. Used for stirring.

Top Shelf

The best(most expensive) spirits in the house.


A peel from the rind of a fruit(usually lemon/lime) used to flavor the rim of a glass, then dropped into the drink.




Bar stock of non-name brand liquors. These are the ones in the speed rack.


The sweet liquid which is created from the mashing and boiling process. When wort is cooled and fermented it is called beer.