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Pale Ale

Pale Ale: Pale ale is an ale made with predominantly pale malt.


(flavor defined by yeast)

e.g. Boulevard Tank 7, Saison Dupont, Allagash Saison, Ommegang Hennepin, Delirium Tremens, Duvel, Chimay White


IPA, India pale ale: India Pale Ale or IPA is a style of pale ale developed in England for export to India.

West Coast IPA vs East Coast IPA

  • West Coast IPAs: low in malt content, focus on hops. Clear and dry. Known for the bold hop aroma, high bitterness and citrus/piney aroma and flavors
    • brewed with higher amounts of hops in the boil kettle and post-fermentation, the proportions are more equal between the two
  • East Coast IPA, a.k.a. Hazy IPAs, New England IPA, Juicy IPA, and unfiltered IPA, lower on the bitterness scale with tropical and juicy flavors.
    • more hops added post-fermentation and little or none in the kettle and a smaller amount in the whirlpool, which leads to less bitterness and mid-palate flavor and more aroma.
    • Sierra Nevada Hazy Li le Thing, Firestone Walker Mind Haze, Offshoot Beer Company Relax, Treehouse Julius, The Alchemist Heady Topper

Session IPA

“Session”: lower in alcohol (generally under 4 or 5% ABV) and high in refreshment.

Double and Triple IPA

  • Double IPA, a.k.a. Imperial IPA: stronger, very hoppy, ABV usually above 7.5%.
  • Triple IPA: even higher hop flavours, ABV usually above 10%.

Stout and Porter

Porter is a style of beer that was developed in London, England, in the early 18th century.

Stout is a dark, top-fermented beer. E.g. Guinness.

The term stout was initially used to indicate a stronger porter than other porters issued by an individual brewery.

Porters are a little lighter and smoother than their stouts. Buy Oatmeal Stout for more sweetness.

Breakfast Stout: with oat, chocolate and coffee.

KBS: Kentucky Breakfast Stout. "a big imperial stout with a massive amount of coffee and chocolate." BOURBON BARREL-AGED. Silky and full-bodied with notes of vanilla, cocoa, roasted coffee and charred oak.

E.g. Deschutes Black Butte Porter (smoother), Deschutes Obsidian Stout (richer), Founders Porter (bolder).

Trappist beer

Trappist beer is brewed by Trappist monks. Fourteen monasteries: six in Belgium, two in the Netherlands, and one each in Austria, Italy, England, France, Spain and the United States.

The best known is the system where different beers are called:

  • Enkel/Single
  • Dubbel/Double
  • Tripel/Triple: Westmalle Tripel is considered to be the foundation of this beer style, and was developed in the 1930s. From 8% to 10% ABV.
  • Quadrupel/Quadruple.

These terms roughly describe both the amount of malt and the original gravity. They may refer to the number of crosses or other marks chalked on the casks - two for a Dubbel and three for a Tripel.

Breweries: (5 in Belgium, others in Netherlands, France, England, Austria, Italy, United States)

  • Chimay (Belgium), the largest
    • Chimay Gold (4.8%): a light blond beer that combines spicy and floral notes with a touch of citrus.
    • Chimay Red (7%): a copper-tinted brown beer that combines generous fruity flavours with toast and sweet caramel.
    • Chimay Triple (8%): a strong blond beer with a fruity and spicy taste balanced by the bitterness and aroma of the hop.
    • Chimay Blue (9%): a strong, dark brown beer with fruity, chocolate and spicy aromas whose flavour gets better and better with time.
  • Westmalle (Belgium)
  • Rochefort (Belgium)
  • Westvleteren (Belgium)
  • Orval (Belgium)

Non official:

  • Achel: removed from the official list in 2021 since abbey no longer has any monks
  • St Bernardus: designation ended in the 1990’s. But very similar to the official Trappist beers.


Warm fermented with top-fermenting yeast (so Kölsch is an Ale), then conditioned at cold temperatures like a lager. (similar to Düsseldorf's altbier)


Warm fermented beer that originated in Goslar, Germany. With coriander and salt

Sour wheat beers: Gose, Belgian Witbier, Berliner Weisse, and Broyhan.

Fruited Beer

Dogfish Head Seaquench, Mikkeller, Raspberry Blush, Sierra Nevada Wild Little Thing, Avery Lilikoi Kepolo


  • Mosaic
  • Mandarina Bavaria
  • Loral: grassy
  • Herkules