Pilot Gears

Sentry for realtime traffic for foreflight


  • twin plug: for general aviation
  • U174 Plug: helicopter, single plug, shorter and fatter than a GA Plug. General Aviation Plug, Twin Plug or a Dual Plug
  • Panel Power Plug, Aircraft Power Plugs, Redel Plugs, LEMO Plugs, or even 6 Pin. Panel Power is becoming more common in newer aircraft. A major benefit of a Panel Power Plug is that your aircraft will provide power to ALL aspects of your headset for you. ANR, Bluetooth, audio to your ear cups and microphone will ALL be powered by your aircraft!
  • An XLR Plug is also referred to as an Airbus Plug or occasionally a 5 Pin.

Things to buy to learn to fly

  • Logbook
    • Physical
    • Electronic: LogTen, ForeFlight
  • Headset (e.g. Bose A20 / A30)
  • kneeboard

In the backpack

Logbook, iPad, Headset, Kneeboard, pen, rubber gloves (for preflight check), sunglasses

flash light for night flight