Producing the best selling SR22.

  • SR20: Lycoming engine
  • SR22, SR22T (Turbocharged): an upgrade of SR20; Continental engine; the world's best-selling general aviation airplane every year since 2003; Made from composite material
    • G3: since 2007
    • (no G4)
    • G5: since 2013
    • G6: since 2017
  • SF50 Vision Jet

Based on FAA registry, Cirrus is growing fast, in US

Cirrus's owner is China Aviation Industry General Aircraft.


SR22s and SR20s built before 2003 were equipped with traditional analog instruments and a 10" (later 12") Multi-function display (MFD).

2003–2008 era Cirrus (G2) instrument panel with the Avidyne Entegra EX5000 PFD/MFD avionics suite, L3 Skywatch Traffic Information, and Avidyne Digital DFC90 Autopilot with Flight Director.

Post-2008 instrument panel with Cirrus Perspective avionics by Garmin.


  • SR22 Continental IO-550-N 310 hp
    • Same engine:
      • Bonanza Continental IO-550-B 300 hp
  • SR20 Lycoming IO-390-C3B6 215 hp

SR22T vs SR22

  • same dimension.
  • higher Max Operating Altitude 25,000 ft comparing to 17,500 ft.
  • higher cruise speed 213 KTAS vs 183 KTAS.